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OTC Market


We provide Over-the-Counter Solutions to You.

The OTC Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin Market

The OTC Crypto market generally operates in the same way the global financial OTC markets do. It acts as an alternative to formal cryptocurrency exchanges such as Huobi, FTX, Binance etc.

The first OTC desks were launched in 2014 by Circle because many Chinese miners, like Bitmain and Antpool, needed places to quickly sell mined BTC to finance their operations.

Crypto OTC desks allows users to sell or purchase large amounts of cryptocurrencies without moving the markets and subsequently, the price of their transaction.

Buyers looking to purchase 500 BTC, for instance, can opt to risk significant price slippage on an exchange and go straight to a crypto OTC desk and order 500 BTC instantly at a fixed price.

3 Years of Experience

OTC Market

Everybody involved in the cryptocurrency ecosystem knows the importance of crypto exchanges, often times many people seems not to know or understand the importance of the OTC market.

Understanding OTC

OTC, short for Over-the-Counter, is another way to trade stocks, bonds, derivatives, and currencies in both cryptocurrency and fiat markets. Trading on currency exchanges usually involves three parties: buyers (who set the bids), sellers (who set asks), and the exchange itself (which acts as the market maker). OTC trading cuts out the middleman (the exchanges) 

Advantages of Analystwise Crypto OTC Market over Crypto Exchanges

  • Fiat support: Analystwise OTC supports fiat payment from around the world while many crypto exchanges do not.
  •  Increased liquidity: Some Crypto exchanges typically have low liquidity. Analystwise OTC provides opportunities to purchase large amounts of crypto in short period of time without slippage.
  • Price protection: as mentioned above, price slippage is bad. We don’t alter prices when moving millions of dollars around in the market transactions are executed at agreed price.
  • Rare tokens: Low cap cryptocurrencies can be bought and purchased in larger amounts that some other exchanges don’t offer.
  • Security: As a registered company, you can be rest assured your transactions are safe with us.
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How to access Analystwise Crypto OTC Market.

Contact the OTC Market desk by sending us a mail at with the subject “OTC transaction” 

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