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Last Updated: 02-October-2021

1. Subject of the agreement

1a. An investor on any or all of the specified product/service offering shall transfer his investment sum (hereinafter referred to as the “Funds”) to the company for the duration specified in the investment plan document contained on the website of the company and the company shall manage the funds in the investor’s best interest. 

1b. The funds received from the investor shall be invested in any of the specified product/service offering as contained in the company’s website. However, the company reserves the right to determine and invest in other viable and high yield investment portfolio not contained in the company’s website and same shall be done in the interest of the investor.

1c. Without prejudice to other terms of this Agreement, the funds invested in the company by the investor does not confer any right of ownership of the shares of the company neither does it create any legal interest in the shares of the company in favour of the investor.  

1d. The terms of this Agreement including such terms and conditions as may be contained in the company’s website is deemed accepted by the investor upon creation of an account on the company’s website and is intended to create a legal relationship between the investor and the company without the requirement of signature by both parties. 

1e. The investor shall have free access to the website including access to monitor investment activities and growth of his investment on the company’s website.

1f. This Agreement shall come into effect and become legally binding on the parties at the time the investor transfers his funds to the company and the company confirms receipt of the investor’s funds. The Agreement shall remain in force unless terminated in accordance with the provisions of clause 10 of this Agreement. 

1g. In the course of executing any right, obligation and responsibility under this Agreement, the company shall act in good faith and in the best interest of the investor. The company shall take into account the investor’s preferred choice of investment and  shall exercise due care while managing the investor’s funds. 

1h. The company may in addition to the services and product offering contained in the company’s website offer other range of services and products to the investor which may interest the investor.

1i. The funds invested shall begin to run not later than 48 hours after confirmation of receipt of the funds from the investor by the company.

1j. The investor shall upon successful completion of registration perform any or all of the following through his/her account created on the company’s website: 

  1. Make deposit through cryptocurrencies and or other any other mode of payment contained in the company’s website.
  2. Select and determine investment plan
  3. Track the profit growth of the investment plan
  4. Withdraw funds
  5. Activate  a health insurance plan incentive where eligible

2. Investment plan

2a. Investment plan are accessible to investors on the company’s website and can be activated by an investor on the website. All plans come with its benefits and how to activate them on the company’s website.

2b. The Client shall choose an investment plan and shall instruct the company to make a deposit on such plan from the funds previously deposited to his/her account held with the company with the help of a special software accessible through the investor’s account on the company’s website. If the company does not receive the required instruction from the investor directing that a deposit should be made on his preferred investment plan, the company shall not activate the investment plan until and upon receiving such corresponding instruction.  

2c. All the funds deposited by the investor on his/her personal account shall be accessible for tracking by the investor on the company’s website.  

2d. The company reserves the sole right on all investment decision.

2e. It is hereby agreed by the investor that he/she understands that his/her choice of investment plan does not guarantee the profitability of such plan and that the company shall not be held liable for non-payment of profit as all investment decision and plan are made based on the methods and indicators that have been studied and have brought profitable results in the past and which have been duly communicated to the investor at the time of signing up for the investment plan. To this end, the company, its directors, employees or staff shall not be held liable for any loss of profit, which may arise having exercised necessary due care and diligence, or as a result of market forces, currency devaluation, government policies or any other attributable factors which are not within the direct control of the company.  

3. Investment amount

3a. The currency for the deposit in this Agreement shall be determined in the deposit option valued in US dollar ($) or its equivalent value in naira or other payment option as may be specified. 

3b. The minimum investment amount which the investor can invest through the company shall be $1,000, the maximum investment amount which the investor can invest through the company shall be $1,000,000 (US dollars) varied by investment plan.

3c. All investment amount can be deposited through the wallet address provided on the company’s website.

3d. The investor hereby declare that the funds to be invested consists of funds that are clean,  not a proceed of crime, free from third-party rights, not mortgaged, not impaired, and received from a legal source. 

4. Client’s earnings

4a. Earnings are determined by investment plans

4b. All investment plans with profitability are well explained on the company’s website.

5. Health Insurance and other Incentives

5a.The Company is by no way a health Insurance firm but only offers investment opportunities to investors with the option of receiving a health insurance plan as an incentive.

5b. The health insurance plan incentive is determined by your region, amount invested and investment plan.

5c. The Investor agrees that the health Insurance  plan herein offered by the company is only applied for on their behalf by the Company to a third party health Insurance firm.

6. Responsibility

6a. the investor understands and acknowledges that the company would exercise due care, skill and diligence in the management of investor’s funds. However, there may be other extenuating factors that may arise which are not within the direct control or fault of the Company that may occasion loss of investor’s funds.  The Investor agrees to forbear where such loss or losses arise and shall not hold the Company liable for such loss.

6b. the investor agrees to bear all losses or lost profit not attributable to the Company’s negligence or fault by this Agreement. 

6c. the investor permanently releases the company from any claims and responsibility for any losses, damages, fees, court costs and expenses that may arise as a result of the provison of any service under this Agreement by the Company.

7. Force majeure

7a. The parties bear no responsibility for improper execution of the terms of the Agreement, if the improper execution were caused by extreme and unavoidable circumstances (force majeure), including, but not limited to: declared war, civil unrest, epidemic, earthquake, flood, fire, activity of administrative authorities, hacker attacks, breaking or blocking of electronic payment systems accounts or bank account, breaking or blocking of web server or any module of web-server which makes it impossible for the Parties to execute their responsibilities as per the Agreement. 

7b. in case of emergence of the above circumstances, each of the Parties shall be obliged to instantly inform another Party on such circumstances. At that, the failure to inform another Party shall lead to the loss of right for the first Party to refer to force majeure circumstances as liberating from the responsibility, if the failure to inform were not a result of the force majeure circumstances. 

7c. if any force majeure circumstance hinders any Party from fully or partially executing the responsibilities as per the Agreement, the time limit envisaged for execution of such responsibilities shall be extended for the period of action of the above circumstances. 

7d. if the force majeure circumstances lasts for more than six months, the Agreement could be cancelled by any Party by sending the notification to another Party not later than 30 (thirty) days prior to the planned termination of the Agreement. 

7e. the Party that is unable to perform its liabilities as per the Agreement due to force majeure circumstances shall perform the preliminary clearing payments with another Party as of the date of start of the force majeure circumstances. In this case, neither of the Parties shall demand compensations for any damage and losses from another Party. 

8. Confidentiality

8a. any documents and information provided by the investor to the company shall be strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed. If the company is obligated to disclose the confidential information for a legal process, we shall exercise best efforts and notify the investor of such disclosure. 

8b. the investor shall under no circumstances disclose to a third party and/or use in any way any information which has become known to the investor as a result of this Agreement and in such a way that this information may harm the company. 

9. Agreement duration

9a. This Agreement shall come into effect from the moment when, as stipulated in this Agreement, the investment amount is transferred by the investor to the company for the stipulated contract period on our website or for further extended period.

9b. if the Parties have unfulfilled obligations to each other by the Agreement end date, the Agreement shall be effective until the fulfillment of the obligations. 

10. Early termination of the agreement

10a. Request for termination of contract agreement should be forwarded to the company via our email on the website

10b. the investor agrees that termination of immature investment will attract a charge fee of 20% of the total investment.

10c. the management fee of 4% won’t be included in the total investment in 10b.

10d. we have all rights to withdraw companies incentives charge on health after termination of contract.

11. Resolution of disputes

11a. All disputes and differences on any issues between the Parties, which threaten their rights and interests related to execution of the Agreement, or any costs, responsibilities or actions related to the Agreement, shall be resolved by the Parties through negotiations. 

11b. if the agreement on the issues is not reached, the dispute is subject to judicial review in accordance with the current legislation of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

12. Other specialists who serve the investor

12a. the investor shall be at liberty to retain his/her own financial advisers, lawyers, accountants and other specialists for provision of financial advice.

12c. the investor acknowledges that the company cannot provide legal consultations, legal conclusions, or legal documents on behalf of the investor. 

12d. the investor acknowledges that the Analystwise does not prepare or provide audit documents, tax conclusions or declaration, and cannot represent the Client before the tax body of the Client’s country of residence. 

13. Final provisions

13a. Do not consider any information contained on the Company’s website, or provided to you through the Company’s directors, employee, agent, marketers or any affiliate of the Company as a financial, investment or other professional advice. You agree and accept that you are solely responsible for investments made in the Company’s website, as the Company cannot guarantee your investment.

13b. You agree and accept to indemnify the Company, and its partners, employers, agent or affiliate against any action, liability, cost, claim, loss, damage, proceeding or expense suffered or incurred if direct or not directly arising from your use of the Company’s sites, your use of the Service, or from your violation of these Terms of Use.

13c. To the maximum extent permitted under applicable law, the materials and any products on the Company’s website are provided “as is and as”. The Company makes no warranties, expressed or implied and hereby disclaims and neglect all other warranties of any kind expressed or implied, including without limitation, implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of intellectual property or other violations of right or warranties arising from usage in trade. The Company does not warrant that the site, the services, or materials on the website are accurate, error free, reliable, current, complete or free of attacks, virus or other harmful sources.

13d. In this Term of Use and where the context so admits, reference to the Company means reference to

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